Shell scripts run the modern enterprise.

ESS offers Enterprise Grade Professional Services and Tools to power, build, improve, and scale to meet your needs.

Whether you already have,, or, ESS is able to enterprise your scripts.


We thread everything, even blocking system calls.

Data parsing

We have written a JSON parser to parse all your data, even non-JSON data.


We run everything as root so that you no longer have permission problems.


There are many benefits to utilizing ESS's Professional Services & Tools.

  • Experience

    We have built some of the most extensive shell scripts in use today by over 95% of the Fortune 500.

  • Community

    We are a local business. Some of us may already be employed by you.

  • Auditing

    We audit all of work by using industry standard best practices such as logging all output to /dev/null.

  • Sustainability

    Everything we touch is artisanal, organic, small batch hand-crafted.

  • Security

    We make sure not to check in any of our code so that it is really secure.

  • Billing

    Our billing system is currently down ( so we will update this once we fix it.

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